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About us

Our Company

Tecnoled HK® is the leading international manufacturer dedicated to providing LED technology audiovisual solutions.


At Tecnoled.HK, we take pride in being a pioneering company in innovation and development, specializing in the design and manufacture of LED displays and audiovisual solutions.


With a direct presence in 50 countries around the world and three strategically located distribution centers in America, Europe, and Asia, we ensure rapid delivery to meet the needs of both individual clients and global corporations, with a guaranteed response time. We have a professional interdisciplinary team dedicated to supporting projects that challenge the conventional. Our ability to create special screen sizes and all complementary elements sets us apart in the market. Furthermore, we have the capability to deliver large-scale projects for various industries and technology distributors worldwide.


We are committed to providing you with the best possible solution, distinguishing ourselves as the only manufacturers worldwide that offer all the solutions you need. Our regional technical support is available in multiple languages and tailored to your time zone, providing you with a comprehensive and personalized experience. At Tecnoled.HK, we are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Trust us to take your project beyond traditional limits and achieve exceptional results. Join us and discover true innovation!


Customer satisfaction is the primary driver of Tecnoled’s quality management. Customers require products and services that meet their needs and expectations. That’s why our company supports its customers throughout the entire consultation and purchasing process.


Our process


We schedule a meeting with the client to learn about their project, clarify concerns and understand their business needs to propose a profitable, high-quality and high-impact project.


An interdisciplinary team from Tecnoled meets to evaluate the client’s needs and requirements. Based on the information collected. We prepare the best comprehensive visual proposal fully designed taking into account our client’s business and budget.


We carry out the project comprehensively and collaborate closely with the client to achieve their desired outcomes. If necessary, we can also assist the client in assembling the financial consultation for the project

Put into practice

We carry out the comprehensive implementation of the project approved by the client. We carry out training and deliver the best practices to successfully carry out the visual solution implemented, with post-sales follow-up.